Sprayers & Accessories

GT096 – Polyspray 2

This pressurized spray bottle holds more solution than the 32 ounce bottles and reduces “finger-fatigue” by eliminating the need for pumping while spraying via a simple trigger.  Handy for large windows and long-duration sprays.  Has an adjustable spray nozzle.  (1.25 liters)

GT090 – Spraymaster Bottle and Trigger

An overall heavy duty sprayer, this spray bottle comes with a 5 year warranty and is chemically resistant. It is equipped with a strong trigger and holds 32 ounces.

GT1067 – Mercury Pro plus Trigger and Bottle

The next generation in spray bottles, the Mercury PRO + features viton seals and a double action pump that sprays both when you pull back and when you release the trigger giving you more liquid with each pull. This lightweight ergonomic trigger/bottle combo holds up to 1 liter (33 ounces) of fluid.

GT097 – 32 oz. Bottle

Empty 32 ounce bottle.

GT098N – Maxi Trigger Sprayer

High output trigger for use with GT097, 32 oz bottle.

GT101N – Stainless Steel 5 Gallon Sprayer

Deluxe pressure sprayer holds up to 5 gallons of mounting solution in a stainless steel tank. Hose can reach up to 15′ in length. Fill with solution and pressurize with air from any compressor. Curly, flexible hose reaches into cars or stretches to go up a ladder with you.

GT101-HG – Replacement hose and spray gun for GT101N

GT101-H – Replacement spray gun for GT101N

GT102N – 3 Gallon Pressure Sprayer(WHITE)

Stores either window cleaner or application solution. Essential for those big commercial jobs. Long 13′ hose allows great mobility and large capacity gives uninterrupted and fatigue-free installation.

GT1008 – Impact Jr. Pump-Up Sprayer

Pressurized spray bottle holds 48 oz of liquid and reduces “finger-fatigue,” eliminating the need for pumping while spraying via a simple trigger. Has an adjustable spray nozzle.

GT2012 – Nozzle for Pressure Sprayer

An alternate nozzle for the 3 gallon pressure sprayer.

GT101G – 5 Gallon Stainless Steel Sprayer

This pressure sprayer has a 15′ flex line hose with a brass tip nozzle.  The no curl hose allows for less tension when maximizing the reach.  A great sprayer for any type of installation.

GT1038 – Gilmore Nozzle

Brass tip Gilmore nozzle.  Use with flex line hose.  (Does not fit on the GT101-HG hose).

GT1038-HG – Gilmore Nozzle & Hose Assembly

15′ flex line hose and Gilmore nozzle assembly for 5 Gallon Stainless Steel Sprayer.

GT102PN – Replacement Pump for WHITE 3 Gallon Sprayer

Replacement pump for WHITE 3 gallon sprayer.