Installation Accessories

GT033 – Red Devil Squeegee

Flexible squeegee that is great for tight corners and maneuvering around gaskets.

GT030 – Motus D Grip Handle

Used with GT050, GT062 or GT064 to obtain more leverage when applying flat glass films. (See Handled Squeegee Section)

GT132 – Hook Tool

Used this tool to pull back on rubber gaskets in auto doors to tuck film below the seal.

GT191 – The Edge Tool

A convenient trim guide or can be used to pull back gaskets.

GT190 – Gray Five Way Trim Guide

Use this tool as a trim guide or wrap in paper towels and use as a bump tool.

GT190 White – White Five Way Trim Guide

Use this tool as a trim guide or wrap in paper towels and use as a bump tool.

GT190 Black – Black Five Way Trim Guide

Use this tool as a trim guide or wrap in paper towels and use as a bump tool.

GT135 – BLADEater

Designed for professional installers, the BLADEater holds your knife safely and securely, and allows you to easily snap and discard blades into the replaceable well.  Once the well is full, simply toss the well, blades and all.

GT134 – BLADEater Replacement Well

Replacement well for BLADEater.

GT130 – Gasket Wizard

This device is used to carefully pull back gaskets for easy film-to-glass installations below the gasket. Rub rails are located at the base of all automotive door window glass and are used for weatherproofing the openings between the glass and the door structure. Many installers find the Gasket Wizard helpful, even without the use of the bungee cords.

GT921 – Jiffy Steamer Film Remover

The Jiffy Steamer is a commercial steamer, impact resistant, 1300 watt heating element, heats up in 2 minutes with 2 hours of steaming per filling. Great for removing film and adhesive off back windows. 120 Volt Use. 220 Volt available as special order.

GT979 – Kevlar Heat Gloves (Pair)

Heat resistant gloves great for use during heat shrinking.

GT194 – Gasket Push Stick

GT176 – Waist Apron

Heavy duty waist apron for easy access to tools while on the job.

GT251 – Wagner HT3500 Digital Heat Gun

This model allows you to heat shrink in low or high fan speeds and has a variable temperature setting to fine tune the amount of heat needed for a specific application. 120 Volt Use

GT250 – Wagner Heat Gun

Standard heat gun with high, medium, low settings. (120 Volt).

GT1004 – Olfa DC4 Blade Disposal

Blade disposer that can be emptied and re-used.

DOTRIX – Dot Matrix Cover

Gives the dot matrix area on cars a smooth finished look.  Pressure sensitive adhesive requires no heat shrinking.  The roll size is 16″x50′.

Click here for installation instructions

Click here for FAQs regarding DOTRIX

GT921C – Jiffy Steamer Bottle

Replacement bottle for the Jiffy Steamer (GT921).

GT2015 – Jiffy Steamer J4000W Steamblade

The J4000W has a large 1 gallon internal water reservoir and provides 2 hours of continuous steam before refilling.  Quick 15 minute heat-up time.  Go from PREHEAT mode to full steam power in just two minutes.  Has a flexible 7.5′ hose for easy maneuverabilty on the job and an angled 9″ aluminum steam head concentrates steam into a targeted area for precise removal.  Steam-resistant nitrile gloves included in each unit.  120 volt; alternate voltage available upon request.


13 pocket tool apron.