Slitters & Accessories

GT822 – 72″ Box Slitter Channel

72″ aluminum U-channel for sliding over the edge of a film box-top to serve as a straight edge when making horizontal cuts (across the web width) after pulling film out to desired length. Handy for in-field work. Saves the cost of more expensive film cutters.

GT821 – Blade Holder for GT822

GT1002 – Clean Cut Box Slitter

Clean cut is back and better than ever!  Available in 36″, 48″, 60″ and 72″ sizes.  The new and improved bars are an alloy U-channel in a brushed polished finish.  Each bar has a ruler across the top edge for precise measuring and placement of the Cutter Head.


These bars fit securely on the edge of the inner product box to keep everything from moving while making your cut.  Simply line the edge of the film up with the zero mark on the ruler and press the bar down on the box.  The U-channel can also be used as a straight cutting edge when you are ready to cut the film out of the box.


GT1002T – Clean Cut Box Slitter Tray

Allows film boxes to be mounted on top of a ladder.

GT1002B – Clean Cut Replacement Blades

A five pack of replacement blades for the Clean Cut Cutter Head (GT1002CH)

GT1002CH – Clean Cut Cutter Head Assembly

Cutter head assembly for the clean cut box slitter.  The Clean Cut Cutter Head is now machined from composite with two neodymium magnets that provide tremendous attachment to the Clean Cut Bar.  The Cutter Head will fit firmly on the back side of the Clean Cut Bar at the measurement you would like to slit the film.  Once you have the Cutter Head in place simply slide the material through the slot and pull the material through to create a clean cut edge.

GT911 – 72″ Film Handler

The Film Handler comes standard with 2 each Cutter Head Assembly (GT912), 2 each 3″ Roller Assembly (GT904) and one pack of blades (GT943).  LADDER NOT INCLUDED

GT943 – Film Handler Replacement Blades

Replacement blades for the Film Handler. 20 blades per cartridge.

GT904 – 3″ Roller Assembly

Standard roller assembly on Film Handler.  These are 6″ risers and will accommodate film on 3″ cores.  Sold as a pair (2).

GT940 – Film Handler Repair Kit

GT912 – Film Handler Cutter Assembly

This is the base and the swivel head of the blade holder on the Film Handler.

GT986 – Film Handler Blade Holder

The swivel head portion of the blade holder.

Tool Tip

Tool Tip

 To prevent damage to your Film Handler cutter head/blade holder always move the blade holder from the base not by the swivel head.

GT913 – 6″ Roller Assembly

Use for security film on 6″ cores.  Comes with 12″ risers to accommodate the larger cores. Sold as pairs (2)

GT942 – 1/4″ 3″ Cutter Shim

Sold per each (1)

GT941 – 1/8″ 3″ Cutter Shim

Sold per each (1)

GT1012 – 1/4″ Cutter Shim for 6″ Hubs

Sold per each (1)