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The ever popular Go Doctor Squeegee now has a new blade option.  The Dual Density blade (GT2057D) is double sided and reversible. Get two blades for the price of one.  85A RED, 95A BLUE.


These blades got great reviews from market testing!

“We love it!  The most water removal on the first pass of any squeegee we have used.  Nice that it has no metal parts.  Comfy handle.  Thank you!” – Schaan Bouchard – Bouchard’s Window Tint

“I’m old School so I have always used the blue max with a metal handle…Not any more” – Chad Bushmire Clean Ride Plus

“The Dual Density Blade should be a must have for every window tinter out there. Now I must get a few more so my guys are not fighting over the one we have. 5 out of 5 stars” – Craig W.  Art of Tint of St. Albans

“This thicker edge may also have something to do with the blade moving the water as well as it does, almost like having a flat glass squeegee, for automotive applications”,“keep the innovations coming”… Dennis Robinson – Victory Glass Tinting

“I will say that the GO DOCTOR squeegee is my favorite tool and when I talk to any tinters I always recommend it.” Tyler T. Phoenix, Arizona