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Have you seen the latest from Fusion Tint Tools?  We have added several new items to our catalog from this product line.  Be sure to check out these new blades and handles today.

The Yellow Flat Out Squeegees (GT260 & GT261) are available in both 5” and 8” length.   Slightly harder than the Orange Crush and comparable in hardness to the Blue Max products they work great in flat glass and security applications.  For best results try in Fusion Handle, Fusion Stretch series and Thor’s Hammer.

The Fusion Stretch Handles come in 5″ (GT057) and 8″ (GT058).   The Fusion Stretch  handle is the latest design for installing flat glass and security films.  This handle features a 14 ½” metal extension and two rubber grip sections for maximum water removal.

The Fusion Hand Dee Tool (GT037) is a MAGNETIC handle that can accommodate any 5”x 2” squeegee. Equipped with a removable “jaw” and a rounded grip to fit perfectly in your hand.

The Pink Clean (GT939) Pink Clean  is a 5” Cropped squeegee blade.  Pink Clean is the softest blade from Fusion Tint Tools.  This blade is specifically designed with cleaning in mind. It is recommended to use the Pink Clean squeegee blade to easily swipe liquids away with minimal pressure applied by the user.