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GDI Tools is pleased to introduce Fusion All Type Mounting Solution.  Fusion All Type Mounting Solution is more than just a mounting solution, it is the solution the industry has been seeking. Fusion All Type is an all in one mounting solution designed for use on all types of adhesive and materials. Fusion All Type can be used as a prepping cleaner and mounting solution. It is safe for use on window films, vinyl & paint protection films. With the conservative mixing ratios, the end user will save money verses other brands and soaps currently used today. Fusion All Type is biodegradable & has no unnecessary ingredients to ensure the purest Fusion product available. The formula is filtered five times in massive filtration systems before being heat sealed to avoid leaking during shipping.


GDI Tools is now stocking Fusion All Type Mounting Solution and for the month of March you can purchase this new product at 15% off.  Call (770) 345-1275 or email today to place your order.    Sale ends March 31, 2018.  Order as GT2093 for Gallons   & GT2094 for 1/2 Quart.



GDI Tools is now stocking the new PEACH line from Pro Tools Now.Pro Tools Now has developed a proprietary blend of polymers that make the New Peach Line of tools that glide across film in a way previously impossible. In addition, each tool in the Peach Line comes with hand polished edges to assure you have the smoothest installation edge possible.    The Peach Line is available as Hard Card, Contour and EZ Wing.


The window tinting industries first and only absorbent rope braid used for absorbing water running down behind the dash of a vehicle while installing film. Helping to protect the electronics and other parts from water damage.
The SoakShield rope is also used to collect the water that would absorb into the top layer of what the dashboard is covered in. Example: Leather, Suede, Vinyl, and Cloth. When water is left to sit on the edges of the dash it can cause the material to unglue and curl up on the edges, damaging the whole dashboard.
Made of microfiber strands braided together by hand for window tinters by tinters. Used by Installers World Wide.
This braided Absorbent rope is tucked between the bottom of the windshield and the dashboard to stop and soak up the water running down behind the dash and causing issues with electronics.
• Original Standard size is 5-6′ long depending on stretching it out during installation. Great for your average coupe, sedan, compact SUV.
• Our XL size SoakShield rope able to extend the dash on larger Cars, Trucks, Vans, and SUVs. 18” longer than Original.
• The Mini size SoakShield is the same length as the original only 30% thinner. Able to fit better it tight gap spaced. Works great for back windows also.
• Ends coated to prevent Frey of strands.
• 90-day free replacement if defect from workmanship.
• Machine Washable.
• Hand Made in the USA, By Tinters for Tinters


GDI Tools is always proud to offer the most new and exciting tools and accessories to the industry.  Make sure you keep in the know!  Click the image below to download a pdf of the newest offerings!


The ever popular Go Doctor Squeegee now has a new blade option.  The Dual Density blade (GT2057D) is double sided and reversible. Get two blades for the price of one.  85A RED, 95A BLUE.


These blades got great reviews from market testing!

“We love it!  The most water removal on the first pass of any squeegee we have used.  Nice that it has no metal parts.  Comfy handle.  Thank you!” – Schaan Bouchard – Bouchard’s Window Tint

“I’m old School so I have always used the blue max with a metal handle…Not any more” – Chad Bushmire Clean Ride Plus

“The Dual Density Blade should be a must have for every window tinter out there. Now I must get a few more so my guys are not fighting over the one we have. 5 out of 5 stars” – Craig W.  Art of Tint of St. Albans

“This thicker edge may also have something to do with the blade moving the water as well as it does, almost like having a flat glass squeegee, for automotive applications”,“keep the innovations coming”… Dennis Robinson – Victory Glass Tinting

“I will say that the GO DOCTOR squeegee is my favorite tool and when I talk to any tinters I always recommend it.” Tyler T. Phoenix, Arizona




This new and innovative tool was born from the frustration of installers when they have to redo a window because a tool with a bad edge scratched film. This tool is designed to effectively and evenly smooth out the edge of most tools used for film installation. It works great on plastic and rubber tools.

Smooth-It comes in two varieties.  The black mat is a medium fabric that works best and faster on big or deep scratches in the tool’s edge.   The grey mat is a fine fabric that is ideal for removing small or light scratches from the tool.


Order Smooth-It today as part numbers:






GDI has added the entire selection of the  new Fusion Turbo Pro Squeegees to our product offering.  These new Fusion Turbo Pro Squeegees come in a variety of colors and durometers to cover any need that may arise.

The entire list of part numbers and descriptions can be viewed at the link below



Have you seen the latest from Fusion Tint Tools?  We have added several new items to our catalog from this product line.  Be sure to check out these new blades and handles today.

The Yellow Flat Out Squeegees (GT260 & GT261) are available in both 5” and 8” length.   Slightly harder than the Orange Crush and comparable in hardness to the Blue Max products they work great in flat glass and security applications.  For best results try in Fusion Handle, Fusion Stretch series and Thor’s Hammer.

The Fusion Stretch Handles come in 5″ (GT057) and 8″ (GT058).   The Fusion Stretch  handle is the latest design for installing flat glass and security films.  This handle features a 14 ½” metal extension and two rubber grip sections for maximum water removal.

The Fusion Hand Dee Tool (GT037) is a MAGNETIC handle that can accommodate any 5”x 2” squeegee. Equipped with a removable “jaw” and a rounded grip to fit perfectly in your hand.

The Pink Clean (GT939) Pink Clean  is a 5” Cropped squeegee blade.  Pink Clean is the softest blade from Fusion Tint Tools.  This blade is specifically designed with cleaning in mind. It is recommended to use the Pink Clean squeegee blade to easily swipe liquids away with minimal pressure applied by the user.