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GDI Tools is pleased to introduce Fusion All Type Mounting Solution.  Fusion All Type Mounting Solution is more than just a mounting solution, it is the solution the industry has been seeking. Fusion All Type is an all in one mounting solution designed for use on all types of adhesive and materials. Fusion All Type can be used as a prepping cleaner and mounting solution. It is safe for use on window films, vinyl & paint protection films. With the conservative mixing ratios, the end user will save money verses other brands and soaps currently used today. Fusion All Type is biodegradable & has no unnecessary ingredients to ensure the purest Fusion product available. The formula is filtered five times in massive filtration systems before being heat sealed to avoid leaking during shipping.


GDI Tools is now stocking Fusion All Type Mounting Solution and for the month of March you can purchase this new product at 15% off.  Call (770) 345-1275 or email today to place your order.    Sale ends March 31, 2018.  Order as GT2093 for Gallons   & GT2094 for 1/2 Quart.